Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual

Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual

Total workshop service manual with electrical circuitry layouts for Komatsu GD825A-2. It’s the same service guidebook utilized by dealers that assured to be completely useful and also intact with no missing out on web page.

This solution & fixing guidebook (including maintenance, overhaul, taking apart & constructing, change, tune-up, procedure, checking, analysis & troubleshooting …) is separated into different sections. Each area covers a particular component or system with thorough images. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each area. Pages are conveniently found by group, and each page is expandable for wonderful information. The printer-ready PDF files function like a beauty on all type of devices.
Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual

” Store Handbook (SEBM002308). pdf”.
Komatsu GD825A-2 Shop Manual; 926 pages.
GD825A-2 11001 as well as up.

– The pilot lowering shutoff acts to manage the pressure needed to activate the transmission spindles.
– The oil from the pump passes through the pilot filter and enters port A of pilot minimizing shutoff (1).
The oil travels through port B and goes into with the orifice of transmission spindle (2) to load the inside of port C.
– When the pressure inside port C rises, pressurized oil flows from orifice “a” of pilot minimizing valve (1) and also goes to port D.

Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual

Because of this pilot minimizing valve (1) moves to the right, as well as ports An and Bare shut down, so the pressurized oil at port C is kept at the exact same pressure.

Feature of pilot circuit drainpipe.
This pilot shutoff operates as a minimizing valve key stress: 1.47 MPa (15 kg/cm2); secondary pressure: 1.06 MPa (1 0.8 kg/cm2). If the reducing shutoff does not have drain port a at the secondary side, it is impossible to obtain the specified lowering pressure.
For example, at the Neutral placement, if there is no second stress at drain port a, theoretically the stress produced at the second side is the same stress as the primary pressure. (Really, it is not as high as the main side as a result of leakage from the shutoff spindle.).

Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual
Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual
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Komatsu GD825A-2 Factory Service Repair Manual


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